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Hi I’m Brenna- a down to earth, friendly and kind soul who is about fun, creative, romantic and real images that can be enjoyed for years to come. Whether it’s celebrating a wedding day, the joy of a new baby or even just hanging out with the family- I create a set of timeless images that truly reflect these moments, from the chaos to the wonderful happiness and everything in between.

With an extensive background in wedding and family photography, I draw on my experience using natural light and a calm approach to ensure that whatever the occasion, I can creatively capture the most authentic results every time. With a keen eye for detail and a heart full of warmth, I document your wonderful day as it unfolds to create beautiful, honest imagery that you can be proud of and that takes you right back to those moments.

When not behind the camera, you can find me with my family and friends- a busy mum of two myself, an art lover, bit of a night owl and always keen for some Japanese food, a wine/gin or a cuppa and a laugh.

I have been a photographer for 20 years, but I always feel really old saying that so I just tell people I’ve been a photographer for ‘over 10 years’

My husband and I eloped and were married in New York in 2010. He is one of the best decisions I ever made.

My 2 kids are the other best decisions, lucky to be their mum.

I love Japanese food, so hit me with your Japanese recommendations- I am keen.

I grew up in the Dandenong Ranges (‘the hills’) of Melbourne, but also lived in central QLD for a few years as a child- have a love for beaches as a result, but adore Melbourne for our home.

I worked toward a career in photography from teen years, it’s always been on the cards for me. Grateful it’s my profession, likely I’d still have a camera in my hand either way though.

I have family in aviation and who own light aircraft, one of my most favourite adventures was co-piloting a trip around central Australia in a Jabiru (light aircraft). Seeing the most amazing and remote areas of Australia is a true highlight.

Our family dog is called Frankie and she is a bulldog who loves people, forgets she is no longer a puppy (she’s 11) so still tries to jump around and show off and is constantly trying to sneak on the bed. We adore her.

I have a long list of books I want to read, but end up watching tv. I’ll get there one day.

I adore art, galleries and often feel inspired by life/people around me. My family often get shuffled outside to watch the sunset, my phone is full of random moments of ‘good light.’

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Thank you so much for all your time and effort spent, not only on our wedding day, but leading up to it. You are absolutely amazing at what you do! You have made us all look and feel great in front of the camera. We felt so comfortable with you. You are so professional, gentle in nature and truly talented. Hopefully, we can work with you again someday soon (I will find a reason!)

"You have made us all look and feel great in front of the camera"

Em, Richard, Lily and Sam

Not only is Brenna fabulous at what she does, she is such a bubbly and lovely person! Dean and I felt comfortable around her straight away and were thrilled to have her capturing all the special moments of our day!

"Such a bubbly and lovely person"

Brooke and Dean

We used Ada and Ivy to photograph our wedding. Brenna was amazing, so friendly and easy going, which was great as both hubby and I aren’t big fans of having our photo taken. We felt so relaxed and at ease. Brenna made it feel natural and not posed at all. The photos we got back were beyond amazing, its hard to choose a favourite. We can’t wait to use Ada and Ivy for future photo opportunities.

"The photos we got back were beyond amazing"

Chris and Stacey Murray

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you! You did an amazing job not only on the wedding day, but in all the pre organising. Steven and I are not very good with photos but you made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. I still can’t believe you stood out in the rain in your poncho just to get some pics. Steven and I had a wonderful day and you were a huge part in making it that way so thank you.

"Stephen and I had a wonderful day and you were a huge part
in making it that way so thank you"

Annette and Steven

OMG!!! Brenna they are absolutely fabulous, I’m obsessed. You’ve done such an incredible job I can’t thank you enough. It was just the best day ever and we’re so so glad you were there to join us. From the get go you really helped ease my nerves and were so warm and just absolutely lovely. I knew you were going to be the best, you were actually the very first thing I booked for our wedding and I bloody nailed it! I’m just speechless at the photos, better than I imagined. Thank you so much again.

"Brenna they are absolutely fabulous, I’m obsessed."

Jess and Jesse

The moment we met, I knew Brenna was the best person to capture our love on our wedding day! She came highly recommended. Brenna is relaxed, calm, very caring & responsive. Everything a bride and groom need on the big day. Brenna rolled with the punches & the many moving parts of the day, but made it all feel seamless for us, which was invaluable. Thank you Brenna for the most amazing photos and capturing the most epic moments of the day! It was a magical event which reflected in all our photos perfectly. We are forever grateful to you xx

"Thank you Brenna for the most amazing photos and capturing the most epic moments of the day!"

Mandy and Matt

Brenna is a legend! She did an amazing job with photos for our wedding. Not only are her photos amazing, but her ability to control the crowd (respectfully) and keep everyone engaged was very impressive. Both my partner and I are very un-photogenic, however she made us come out looking like superstars! She helped calm our nerves throughout the day and made the whole experience super enjoyable - would definitely be using her for any other photo work - 10/10

"Brenna is a legend!"

Alex and Sophie